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Dear Marketing Top Gun,

          When Ted Nicholas first went into business he only had $800 in savings and $96,000 in debt. He knew he had to do something with the little cash he had - and he had to act fast ...

           But then necessity led him to a novel idea. He came up with a genius masterplan to draw in the crowds.

          It worked (far better than he ever imagined). This simple idea also led him to make a magical discovery that completely changed the rest of his life.

          Today, Ted Nicholas is without question the living, breathing embodiment of entrepreneurial success - He's a successful international speaker and author, an expert marketing consultant, and one the most successful and highest paid copywriters on the planet.

          If you are in business (of any kind), then Ted's story is truly inspirational.

          You'll learn how Ted started from his basement to lay the foundations of a publishing empire. He has published over 56 best-selling books (14 of his own) and he didn't use any of the "traditional" marketing channels.

          Ted uses nothing more than a yellow pad and a pencil and he is directly responsible for generating $7.9 billion dollars (to date) for himself and his clients and you'll learn exactly how he did it.

So ... Get ready to spend a mind blowing 99 minutes in the company of a marketing legend and grab a business education like none other!

          This is  potentially "life changing" listening and it's yours (if you want it)

          You'll hear the answers that could literally put your business growth and earnings into overdrive.

          You'll get "Privileged Access" to a wealth of advice and knowledge that other marketers and business owners have paid thousands to hear:

  • Discover the 3 key questions you must answer before starting to write a sales message  (and how you can easily turn these into the first draft of your ad)
  • How to create ads and sales letters that will skyrocket your conversions (Even if you can't write a simple letter, this one technique will guarantee a substantial increase in sales)
  • How to ensure that the sequence is correct especially when you are in the process of creating marketing materials (This is absolutely vital to a successful campaign)
  • Why you should always sign your sales messages in this way to increase buyer confidence in your products and services
  • Three simple words that change a daunting order form into a friendly invitation for your customers (After listening to this section, you'll be able to craft order forms so powerful - they'll sell your product for you on their own)
  • The secret to prevent your regular mailings (and even e-mail) ending up in the junk pile (Ted reveals a simple to avoid mistake that turns people off instantly)
  • How you (as a business owner) are in a better position to craft your sales message than any other person and why hiring an ad agency could be the biggest mistake you make
          As soon as you start listening to Master Copywriting with Ted Nicholas it'll be obvious that this is unlike any interview you've heard before ...

          No more theory or guesswork. No fluff - Ted's been there and done it many times over. He's created and sold over 20 successful companies and now he's handing you his ...

"Best Kept Secrets!"

          When it comes to direct-response marketing, advertising, publishing online and offline, and copywriting, you'll be hard pressed to find a better teacher. Ted has run more space ads than any other marketer in the US in the last 50 years.

          And he's also run thousands of marketing tests, spent millions of his own money to research exactly what gets customers to buy now and buy more:

  • How to unleash the flow of creativity every time you sit down to create a compelling sales message
  • How to create powerful attention grabbing bullets (each and every one carefully engineered to move your readers closer to the buying decision)
  • Which works better - a long message or a short one? Learn this directly from the person who spent millions of dollars of his own money to test it (and the exceptions to the rule)
  • The one secret that differentiates the people who make money and become successful from the ones who don't
  • Learn how  to create powerful guarantees so they'll actually work like mini order magnets in your sales materials
  • A single mistake cost Ted $350,000 in losses on a single campaign (He lets you in on the cause and how you can avoid it - Its invaluable!)
  • And more ...
          And if you create "information products", you are in for a treat. In fact, you'll learn why you must create information products - no matter which business you're in.

          This interview is pure audio gold and you'll play it over and over - getting more from it every time you do. In fact, I'm so confident that you'll find this interview to be invaluable listening that you'll also
get instant access to the coveted, "21 Point Checklist for Online and Offline Advertising" as a ...

Complimentary Gift (Gratis)

21 Club Advertising Cover         The information in the 21 Point checklist was handed down by Ted.

          Use it on your website, or on any advert before you release it (in any medium) and it will convert all of your marketing into a ...

"Sales Getting Machine"

          In this report you will learn ...
  • The root cause of why 99% of advertising sucks and how you can use this to your benefit to easily stand out (and make your ads many times more profitable than any of your competitors).
  • The #1 Mistake made by most businesses (both small and large) on their website. People could be clicking away and going to your competitors because you didn't do this one thing ...
  • Some really sneaky ways to get inside your prospects heads and then command them to do what you ask (You must promise not to misuse the power of this)
  • The 8 common fears each and every one of your prospects have - the first time they see you or your ad. Eliminate these fears and your message will become irresistible and they may just end up being customers for life
  • When to (and when not to) use a picture in your ad. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but not necessarily when advertising (Doing this wrong is already costing you a lot of money)
  • The secrets of response boosting devices that can make or break an entire ad campaign
  • How you (as a business owner) are in a better position to craft your sales message than any other person
  • How to craft the most effective and persuasive sales message to your prospects better than 99% of your competition (If your business is local then 100%)
  • A simple persuasion formula created by greek philosopher Aristotle that has not changed in over 2000 years (yet 97% of businesses do this wrong).
  • How to look at the "Lifetime Value Of The Customer" (The most important number for any business)
  • How to craft a killer USP for your business (Do this right and your competitors will not even dare to copy you and your customers will love you).
  • Exactly at what point in the sales message your customer makes a "buying decision" and pulls out their wallet to pay you for your products or services.
  • And more ...
          This confidential report is currently unavailable to the public and I have only ever shared it with a few of my paying customers. It can easily save you thousands, perhaps even more in wasted advertising.

          More importantly, the information from this report is based on real tests that have brought in millions of dollars and information directly from a true living marketing legend and a copy has been reserved for you ...

"FREE, Just for Trying!"

          Don't do another newspaper, magazine, mailing, postcard or radio or any other advertisement or sales message in any medium (online or offline) without reading this confidential special report.

          This is your chance to learn what some of the world's largest corporations have paid tens of thousands of dollars a month and small business have paid thousands of dollars to learn.

          If you're a student of copywriting, then this exclusive interview is an absolute must have and belongs in your collection. You already know how valuable this is ...
          But if you're an entrepreneur or small business owner, then these nuggets of wisdom could quite literally change the rest of your life ...
          It's so important for you to have this, so let me make it ...

"100% Risk-Free"

          If you are not absolutely delighted and thrilled with the information, then you are completely protected. In fact - listen to it, take action and get the results. For any reason whatsoever (or for no reason at all) you can return the product within 60 days for a prompt and courteous refund.

You'll Receive ...

  • The entire 1 hour and 39 minutes (Unabridged Interview) (Download it instantly to listen on your computer or on any iPod or MP3 Player).
  • A professionally created transcript in PDF Format (Read along while you listen or print this out and read at your convenience).
  • The 21-Point Checklist for Online (and Offline) Advertising (BONUS)

Don't Waste Another Second!

Get Your Copy Of Master Copywriting With Ted Nicholas


Sanjay Pande Sig                 

(Sanjay Pande
P.S. Reserve your copy today and I'll throw in another bonus.

           Something extremely valuable!

           For a limited time (and this will NOT last forever), I'll also let you have a copy of The Windfall Profits Paradox which shows you how to build tremendous long-term business wealth and success - using short-term "Windfall-Generating Opportunity" Thinking.

          There is only one other person besides Ted Nicholas who can boast over 7 billion dollars in sales for himself and his clients and that is Jay Abraham.

          This report was written by Jay and he shows you how you can easily use an opportunity based mindset to generate quick cash for your business as and when you need it (and even as a long-term strategy).

           If your business needs cash (especially if you need it right away), this report will show you the ...

"Hidden Profits
Overlooked Cash Flow Opportunities"

          In this report you will learn ...
  • Why you need to refocus your attention for the next few days on a "short term" thinking (... and use deceptively simple "opportunistic" cash-generating moves in your business)
  • Low risk tactics to put money in your bank account within days or weeks (or at a maximum a few short months)
  • The biggest reason most business owners have temporary cash crunches (And how you can avoid being one of them) - Page 6
  • How (and why) you should "ethically exploit" your customer (which 99% of businesses don't understand) - Page 7
  • How getting the short-term "opportunistic" mindset will actually help your business in the long run
  • The key to getting a fast influx of cash by using leverage (Making a dollar work like a 100 bucks or more) - Page 9
  • The Simplest, Fastest and Cheapest way to your profit windfall
  • How to seduce your customer with big-promise, non-threatening, lead-generating sales methods
  • Who your hottest prospects are (They are predisposed to buy more from you than any of your other prospects)
  • How to craft a winning, powerful sales message that's much more attractive and ten times more powerful than anyone else's
  • The simple shift in how to look at your business problem with the right mindset that'll make you almost instantly see opportunity (Page 16)
  • How to get someone to give you something that sells for a high price for free (Page 19)
  • How to get your competitors to hand over their customer lists to you (The same lists they would have spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to build)

  • The single most powerful technique you could ever use in your advertising (Claude Hopkins used this with Schlitz beer as far back as 1919 and it went from the #10 to the #1 company in 6 short months - It's even more powerful today and Apple uses it to sell more iPods, iPhones, iPads and Macs) - Page 21
  • How to scare your competition away and have customers lining up to buy from you  (Even if you have the most expensive prices)
  • A simple way to boost your aggregate response by 300% to 1200%
  • How to make more money off the people you don't sell than off the ones you do (Page 26)
  • 6 Stealth marketing strategies with examples and success stories
  • How to start up a business with next to no capital
          It's a quick read, but has the potential to increase your short and long term business growth dramatically.

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